Colton Haynes GIFs

This a blog that works as a directory for gifs of Colton Haynes. Since the admin is an RPer and can only imagine that's who will generally get use out of this blog, they will all be treated as reaction gifs and categorized as such.

Just a side note about the 'GIF Sets' section. GIF Set implies it is a set of gifs that are all from the same scene. It isn't a the typical gif set most people think of seeing tumblr that either is edited artistically or tells a story. I'm generally trying to avoid uploading those kinds of gifs on here.

Please bear with me as it will take some time to upload all the gifs I have due to tumblr's daily upload limit.

DISCLAIMER: I did not make any of the gifs you find here. I personally do not know who made the gifs I will be uploading unless they put a watermark of their URL on it. If you see a gif on here that you made, please let me know, as I will be making a credit page. If you'd prefer I take the gif down and rather reblog it, that is fine too. Please be honest and do not take credit for anyone else's work. Cause if that starts to happen, then no one will get credit and wouldn't that just suck?

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